Report reveals details of Charleston Co. quadruple homicide scene, arrest

VIDEO: Deputies: Suspect in quadruple homicide appears to have beaten family to death
Published: Mar. 11, 2018 at 5:02 PM EDT|Updated: Mar. 13, 2018 at 9:55 PM EDT
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Lovequawn Scott, the suspect in the quadruple murder case (Source: CCDC)
Lovequawn Scott, the suspect in the quadruple murder case (Source: CCDC)
Joseph and Rose Manigault were two of the four victims. (Source: Manigault Family)
Joseph and Rose Manigault were two of the four victims. (Source: Manigault Family)
Kenya Manigault (Source: Manigault Family)
Kenya Manigault (Source: Manigault Family)
Faith Manigault (Source: Manigault Family)
Faith Manigault (Source: Manigault Family)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - An incident report released in a quadruple homicide Saturday morning at a home in Charleston County describes the scene investigators found when they arrived.

The coroner's office identified the victims as 72-year-old Joseph Manigault, 69-year-old Rose Manigault, 42-year-old Kenya Manigault and 15-year-old Faith Manigault.

All were listed as being from Mount Pleasant, though their home is outside of the city limits in an unincorporated part of Charleston County.

The four victims all died from blunt trauma, according to Charleston County Deputy Coroner Kimberly Rhoton.

The Manigault's grandson, 22-year-old Lovequawn Matthew Shaire Scott, was arrested on Saturday for their deaths and charged with four counts of murder.

Charleston County deputies arrived on the scene at 2751 Atlanta Drive at approximately 11:38 a.m. Saturday to a report of a suspicious death, an incident report states.

A family member told deputies she had been trying to contact her niece and mother and could not get an answer. The woman became worried and came to the home to check on them. When she opened the garage door, she found two bodies inside.

Witnesses who had also come to the home at the time the family member was there said they all ran out of fear and called 911 to report the discovery.

The family member told deputies there should be two more people inside the home, and gave them a key to unlock the front door, but deputies were unable to open the front door.

A deputy walked through the garage and was able to unlock a side door and heard a loud commotion from the front of the home before he entered the home.

Deputies say they came back around to the front of the home and saw Scott lying face down on the ground with his hands out to his side, wearing sunglasses, a blue jean jacket, blue jeans and a grey tank top that was wrapped around his hand.

People on the scene told deputies Scott had just walked out of the front door of the home.

Deputies say the tank top and his clothing appeared to be covered in blood, and said Scott had open cuts to the backside of the hand that had been wrapped in the tank top.

"Given that the crowd of people were becoming angrier by the minute," the deputy said he placed Scott in a patrol car and instructed a fellow deputy to take him out of the area.

Deputies then entered the home to perform a sweep and found broken glass, plates, pictures and other items out of place, the report states.

Deputies say they found a dumbbell in the home similar to another dumbbell that had been found next to one of the victims in the garage.

They then found the other two female victims in a bedroom of the home.

The weights have been submitted for evidence and the results of the analysis are pending, Charleston County Sheriff's Capt. Roger Antonio said.

An incident report from the Al Cannon Detention Center states Scott refused to attend a bond hearing Sunday morning. The report states that Scott, refusing to appear at North Charleston Municipal bond court asked deputies, "What is the point when I know I can't go home anyways?"

The judge said they would offer him a bond hearing the following day, the report states.

"I'm angered that he had the audacity to refuse to come down and face us," Valerie Gilliard-Anthony, a relative said.

Dozens of family members packed the courtroom Sunday as they waited for Scott to appear.

"We are devastated by this act. We're devastated, and this is something I don't think my family will ever recover from," Gilliard-Anthony said.

Several left the room crying and screaming as they demanded justice for the victims.

"Please pray for our family because we have never had nothing like this in our family. Just God knows what we're going through today," Estelle Manigault Grant, a relative, said.

On Monday, Scott said he wanted to attend a bond hearing but repeatedly refused to sign a consent form for videoconferencing during the hearing, something officers told him was required for the bond hearing, the report states.

The judge spoke with Scott's public defender and ultimately allowed Scott to waive his right to a bond hearing, the report states.

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