You Paid For It: Tech upgrades to improve traffic

You Paid For It: Tech upgrades to improve traffic

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The City of Charleston's Traffic and Transportation Department is hoping technology will make rush hour a little less of a headache.

"The Department is really focused on how to make sure people are safe from point A to point B, whether through our signal system, through our signs, through our markings, really thinking for all modes of transportation," said department Director Keith Benjamin.

He says a major new traffic monitoring system and upgrades will help.

"Thanks to funding from city council and our signal maintenance agreement, we were able to upgrade our entire system," Benjamin said.

The expenditures in the city's February check register included $91,059.69 for Planar monitors and $21,729.15 for a five-year warranty.

The department spent a total of $160,025.24 on labor, equipment and machines last month.

The upgrades included nine 60-inch screens and a 98-inch screen that can show intersections, lights, traffic patterns and congestion.

"Having this new traffic monitoring system allows us to really be quick on the troubleshooting on the daily," he said. "It's going to help us create a better traffic flow throughout the city, help us alleviate, and open the door to new technologies like automation."

And that could save citizens money when it comes to gas and accident-prevention.

Other improvements include a goal to increase the staff working in the traffic department.

The price tag for the whole project is about $300,000.

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