Community meeting about proposed car wash on Folly Road

Community meeting about proposed car wash on Folly Road

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - The owner of a proposed car wash on Folly Road is holding a meeting Tuesday night to hear concerns from the community and answer any questions they may have.

Several in the community have voiced concerns over the Autobell Car Wash because of the impacts it could have on the environment. One of those neighbors is Mary Edna Fraser who has lived on Ellis Creek since 1989.

"I think that there could be a business that doesn't harm the establishment of our environment," Fraser said. "I think maybe our environment is more important than money."

Fraser said she doesn't mind a business developing on the particular piece of land – she just does not want a car wash.

"It's just a big can of worms that I don't want to see on my creek," Fraser added.

Fraser's main concerns are potential runoff into the creek and a grand oak tree on the property.

The owner of the car wash, Carl Howard, said the business would actually help the environment, not hurt.

"We are going to capture all of the stormwater that falls on this site," Howard said. "We are going to filter it before we send it back to the city's storm store system."

Howard said currently, when the rainwater falls on the site, it is going to the creek, untreated and carrying anything in its path. The car wash would catch all of that.

"In our car wash process, it's specifically designed to capture all of the wastewater inside the car wash. Then we retreat it with a biological system that is the most advanced technology in the industry. We filter it through that system and we reuse 80 to 90 percent of it. What we don't reuse, we send back to the city and it's actually as clean as it was when we got it."

Howard said he is planning to show the community their new proposal at the community meeting Tuesday night at 6:30. It will take place at the Spring Hill Suites at 98 Ripley Point Drive in West Ashley.

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