Lowcountry doctor shares concerns over new, dangerous social media challenge

Concerns over trendy challenges
Updated: Apr. 5, 2018 at 4:00 AM EDT
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CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Dangerous trends are circulating around the internet with kids trying to copy them.

We take a closer look at these so-called social media challenges and how they're not only dangerous, but why kids are willingly doing them.

It seems one challenge goes viral, and when it loses steam, another one starts.

This new internet challenge has people talking and sharing.

This newly viral challenge is made up of inserting a condom up your nose and having it come out the other side.

"The idea that you're using something that's safe to use on the body doesn't mean you can't have a really bad complication," said Dr. Kenneth Perry."There's case reports of pneumonias when people don't actually get these things removed."

But it's more than the act of doing a challenge.

"We're looking for the answer to why if one person decides to ingest a tide pod or someone else to decides to inhale a condom that suddenly someone in Washington state, and we here in the Lowcountry have to worry about it," Perry said.

Beyond social media, Perry, with Trident Medical Center, says it could boil down to just wanting to fit in with your peers.

"If you remember back to those really difficult formative years of middle school/high school you wanted to fit in, you wanted to have that group you identified with," he said."It's just difficult now because they have to identify with a group that might not be in their classroom. It's online and they're identifying with people across the world."

Which could bring up insecurities the older generation maybe didn't have.

"Did they get enough likes? Did they get enough retweets? And that is certainly causing them a lot of problems," Perry said.

And he says when it comes to these dangerous online challenges, we need to think about how sharing it could be adding to the frenzy.

"You start realizing that maybe it's the social media buzz that is causing the end goal and the end point in all these problems," Perry said.

Perry says some reports show that tech tycoons don't let their kids have these devices.

He recommends turning the internet off during dinner and just knowing what's going on in your kids life.

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