Dog attack in Summerville caught on video

Dog attack in Summerville caught on video

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - A dog attacking a Summerville woman was caught on cell phone video, Summerville police say.

The video was shot by Deirdra Cosby.

"Ah, no, no, please, please, no," Cosby says at the beginning of the video.

Cosby can't get out of her mind what happened on Easter Sunday at her home on Teal Court.

"I've had nightmares. I mean this has scared me beyond belief, it was terrifying," Cosby said Friday.

"I heard the dogs barking and I was fixing to bring m Poo Jon around here and I wanted to make sure the fence was secure."

It turned out the fence apparently was not secure enough to keep her neighbor'a dog from coming into her backyard.

"I just so happened to have my phone with me and I see her come under the fence," Cosby said.

Cosby says she tried to hide behind the air conditioning unit in the backyard, hoping the dog would go away or someone would come to help her."

"Somebody, m——- f——-. I told you, I told you, ah, oh my God. I told you, please Jesus, please Jesus, she bit me three times," Cosby is heard saying on the video.

"She bit me on my pinky finger, on my shin and on the back of my leg," Cosby said.

"I was freaking. I was screaming to the top of my lungs for somebody to please help me."

"I told the police, I'm bleeding all over. Oh my God, oh God," Cosby is heard saying on the video.

Cosby was also concerned for her own dog.

"Please don't let her get my dog. Please, Jesus, all this is on film," Cosby says on the video.

Someone who lives next door came and got the dog and no further damage was done.

Dorchester County animal control issued a citation to the owner for having a nuisance dog.

We called the owner's number that was in the police report.

The person who answered told me I had the wrong number.

Since the attack, Cosby put orange stakes by her fence to try to prevent the dog from getting on her property.

Cosby has one wish after her encounter with the dog.

"I would just like the dog removed," she said.

Dorchester County officials tell us this was the second citation issued to Cosby's neighbors.

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