Live 5 Scambuster: Jury duty scam

VIDEO: Live 5 Scambuster: Jury duty scam

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Jury duty is a civic responsibility and should be taken seriously, but so should scammers who may be threatening you when you've done nothing wrong.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office tweeted a warning to the Lowcountry about a jury duty scam. Captain Roger Antonio says scammers are calling people and telling them they will be arrested for missing jury duty.

"We had one as recent as last week in which a citizen said that she was contacted by somebody who told her that she missed jury duty, which is something that can be understood if you don't go through the mail," Antonio said.

According to the incident report, this woman ended up using prepaid debit cards to pay the scammer $7,000.

Antonio says the scammers a new advantage, making them harder to detect.

"Unfortunately technology has given the suspects, the bad guys, the capability of spoofing your phone numbers to make it look like they are law-enforcement," Antonio said. "They will even provide victims with real deputy numbers."

If you're worried that you may have missed jury duty, Captain Antonio says you should manually dial the courthouse phone number yourself, or go by the courthouse to find out.

If you think you've been a victim of this scam or others, let us know by emailing Kyle Jordan.

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