Live 5 Investigates: Dozens of guns stolen from off-duty police officers since 2010

Live 5 Investigates: Dozens of guns stolen from off-duty police officers since 2010

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Over the past eight years, more than two dozen local police officers and deputies have had their agency-issued guns stolen, or lost.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, WCSC requested all instances of guns being stolen or lost from 17 area law enforcement agencies.

From 2010 until the present, 25 officers or deputies had their weapons stolen or lost while they were off-duty.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, Folly Beach Police, the Charleston County Aviation Authority, the Citadel's Public Safety Department, and local SLED agents each reported one case of a gun being stolen or lost.

Charleston Police, Mt. Pleasant Police, and Goose Creek Police each reported two cases of a gun being stolen or lost.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office and North Charleston Police each reported seven cases of a gun being stolen or lost.

Several departments did not have any reports of stolen or lost guns during that timeframe, including Sullivan's Island Police, Summerville Police, Isle of Palms Police, Hanahan Police, Georgetown Police, College of Charleston Department of Public Safety, South Carolina Ports Authority Police, and Joint Base Charleston.

Of the 25 incidents, six officers had their gun stolen during a homes burglary, seven officers lost track of their gun, and 12 officers had their gun stolen from their vehicles.

Of all the missing weapons, seven were later recovered.  Two of the recovered weapons were used in crimes.

In March of 2017, a suspect broke into a North Charleston Police Officer's home and stole his agency-issued Glock 21.

Ten days later, the gun was recovered at the Charleston County School District's Garrett Academy of Technology in North Charleston.

Seventeen-year-old Jeremy Flowers was charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds.

In 2012, a suspect stole a Glock .40 from the glove box of the vehicle of an off-duty Charleston County Sheriff's Deputy.

In a police report, the deputy stated that the key fob may not have been working properly.

Two years later, the gun was used in an armed robbery of a woman in downtown Charleston.

Michael Nickens was charged in the crime.

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