Camp Can Do empowers kids with burn injuries

Camp Can Do empowers kids with burn injuries

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A summer camp is providing a safe space for kids who have suffered serious burn injuries to heal together.

At Camp Can Do, 43 campers ages 6-17 spent five days on Seabrook Island for free.

The camp, located at Camp St. Christopher on Seabrook Island, is funded by private donations and aluminum can donations from the Firefighters Association.

The campers heal, play and bond with each other and the people who care for them.

"I'm having fun and I forgot all about my burns," said camper, Angelique Venning.

Six-year-old Josh was reunited with one of his favorite firefighters. Right after Josh was burned, Eric Glover went to visit him in the hospital.

"Me and the crew went by and brought a bunch of toys and candy and stuff," Glover said. "Anything to lift up his spirits."

Josh was in the hospital for three weeks with severe burns on his legs. But he says seeing Eric every day made it bearable.

In a low, raspy voice Josh said, "It felt like support."

At camp, Josh was also reunited with one of his nurses.

"He would always thank me after I'd do his dressing change. And before I'd leave, he'd give me a little wink and he always made me smile. And that laugh is contagious," said Ryan Howard, who is the camp's director.

For five days, laughs and smiles can be seen on the faces of every kid at camp.

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