TAKE A STAND: Best and Worst Economies

VIDEO: TAKE A STAND: Best and Worst Economies

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - There's good news and not so good economic news for South Carolina.

"24/7 Wall Street" publishes financial news and commentary. When it comes to the best and worst economies, they found Colorado is number one with West Virginia at the bottom.

South Carolina ranks 22nd in the nation. Not bad.

The Palmetto state's gross domestic product grew 2.1 percent the past five years. That's the 9th largest GDP increase in the country.

Unemployment is 3.8 percent, the 21st lowest.

And the five-year annual employment growth is almost two percent. That's the 11th largest increase.

But all the news is not good. The study also found South Carolina suffers from a less affluent and less educated population. Our state's adult college attainment and poverty each ranks worse than most states.  That's something that must be addressed and improved if South Carolina can continue to climb the ladder of economic success.

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