TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Florence

VIDEO: TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Florence

An extremely quiet July and August in the tropics was nice.

Maybe to the point we felt like we might get through the season without a storm. But lo and behold, the peak season arrives, and the storms start lining up like little soldiers.

Hurricane Florence is a major storm, a Category 4. It could possibly strengthen to a Cat 5.

Whatever the size, it will be a dangerous and potentially deadly and catastrophic storm.

The biggest uncertainty? The track. With no steering currents, landfall could come anywhere within a 400-mile cone. While models are beginning to lean toward an area north of Wilmington, South Carolina must remain vigilant and on guard.

A hurricane that powerful will cause problems in our state and possibly the Lowcountry.

Current models indicate we should be concerned about Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties.

All of that is why there are evacuations and school closings along the coast.

The best thing we can do is make sure we prepare in the short time we have before Hurricane Florence arrives.

You have my word Live 5 will be here day and night throughout the storm and after the storm to keep you informed and to keep you safe. I'll be saying a prayer the track keeps moving farther north.

Be careful out there.

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