TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Florence

VIDEO: TAKE A STAND: Hurricane Florence

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Hurricane Florence was a weird storm. We all braced for the worst and nervously watched when it appeared Florence might strengthen to a Category 5 before landfall.

Thankfully, it did not and actually weakened, but when a Category 2 storm has a forward speed of only two miles an hour, it's going to be bad. Charleston and the Tri-County area was spared the worst impact.

Our friends in Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties did have problems and are still dealing with flooding. Farther north, the flooding is catastrophic.

There have been deaths. Many, many homes destroyed. The flooding will get worse.

And we must keep a close eye on river flooding as all the runoff from record-breaking rainfall in North Carolina starts making its way to South Carolina.

If you are able, I would ask you to consider joining Live 5 in helping victims of Hurricane Florence.

Consider a donation to the Red Cross.

You get to decide where your money goes and how it is spent. And however you pray, please remember the many people who are suffering and facing a very long recovery.

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