Speed Patrol; Orleans Road

By Tracey Amick, Live 5 News

(WCSC) Charleston SC - Cowboy Brown works as a yard guy on Orleans Road, a job he says  is dangerous because of speeding drivers.

"Some people don't care- they throw beer cans and you gotta jump out the way!", Brown said.

Orleans Road is about a one mile stretch of road running from Paul Cantrell to Highway 17...there are lots of houses, restaurants and shops,  and even the Citadel Mall.

And that means lots of traffic,  so we brought out the Charleston City Police Department and Officers Brad Wilson and Beth Auer started slowing them down.

"The speed limit is a residential 30 miles per hour", Wilson said, but we found speeds much higher than that.

"Between the speeds of 42,43,45- that is 12,13,15 over the speed limit", Wilson said.

Wilson says the speed limit is so low because it's a neighborhood...and pedestrians use Orleans all the time.

"2 lanes, no sidewalks, nothing -people who walk to the Citadel mall have to walk in the road"< Wlson said.

But now after getting pulled over...and a ticket...these drivers say they now know the law...and will drive the limit.

"Definitely, now I know", one speeder said.

"I will only drive the speed limit 30 miles an hour- I promise you" , another speeder said.