Pintech reaches out to bring DTV to the community

Published: Jan. 29, 2009 at 4:41 PM EST
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COLUMBIA, SC  - The way we watch TV will forever change on February 17th when all television stations will make the switch to Digital Television. Pintech Corporation, a technology research firm, is making sure everyone in the region will be there to witness it.

In order to view a digital signal on an older television without cable or satellite, a converter box will be required.  According to the Nielsen Co., about 7.7 million U.S. Television households were unprepared for the digital switch as of December, meaning they had no TVs capable of receiving a digital signal. Most of these homes are low-income, elderly, non-English speaking or disabled individuals.
Pintech has partnered with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) through a consumer education contract, to provide information and volunteers.
"We know that for many, digital conversion can be very confusing," says Pintech Vice-President Larry Puckett. "While many TV stations have done a great job at getting the word out to their viewers, we estimate there will be tens of thousands of individuals in every state who will need a little extra help so they can watch the  programs they love. We will provide instructions, phone support, and have trained technicians who can come out to people's homes and help install their converter boxes."

The company will be organizing digital conversion education Help Centers in four states, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Each state will have an office that will coordinate the thousands of volunteers and call center technicians. Additionally brochures will be made available and a website will provide detailed instructions on making the digital conversion at

A total of 5,500 volunteers will be needed across the region to install boxes in the approximately 29,000 homes expected to request help.  Volunteer organizations and groups are encouraged to contact our South Carolina state DTV Help Center at 877-388-8992 or go online to and fill out the Volunteer Form if they wish to help out.

Beginning January 26th, a telephone hotline 877-388-8992 will be staffed around the clock to answer questions and guide individuals through their conversion set-up. Pintech estimates they will receive approximately 130,000 calls across the 4-state region.
"We know the need for information and technical support will be tremendous," says Puckett. "We are geared up and ready to help everyone in the region who needs help, especially those who don't have the resources or ability to do the conversion themselves.  Digital Television will transform all of our lives. It brings additional free channels and clearer pictures to our homes, Pintech is excited to help facilitate a smooth digital transition."