National Video

  Missing tiger found in Texas

In a short video tweeted by Houston police, Cmdr. Ron Borza can be seen sitting next to the tiger, petting the animal and saying it has been a long week searchi

  Israeli strike destroys AP, al Jazeera offices

Tensions escalating between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

  Boy performs Heimlich maneuver to save choking dog

  2 contractors dead after explosion at Kerr Dam

  Target stops selling collector cards

  States, businesses ease mask mandates

  Pokemon trading card shortages

There's a boom in Pokemon trading card sales.

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  California lottery winner washed ticket, loses millions

Woman loses $26 million lottery ticket by accidentally putting it through the wash.

  Liberation and trepidation as Americans unmask

  Mixing COVID vaccines tied to side effects

When it comes to the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, the CDC says the two are not interchangeable.

  Stefanik speaks of Republican unity

  COVID-Japan: Growing concerns on holding Olympic games

Despite a rising number of COVID-19 cases in Japan, the International Olympic Committee says the Tokyo Games are still on track.

  McCarthy congratulates new chair Stefanik

  New workers must be vaccinated, Delta CEO says

No vaccine, no job. Delta Air Lines lays out the law for future recruits.

  Prince Harry compares royal life to 'Truman Show'

  Voters mixed on Stefanik's rise

  Some Republicans say Jan. 6 Capitol riot overblown

  Mask mandate FAQs

  Hospital throws prom for teen who survived serious crash

  'A great day for America': CDC lifts mask mandate

  CDC drops mask mandates for fully vaccinated people

CDC drops mask mandates for fully vaccinated people

  Fauci: Don't criticize people who still wear face masks

  Pipeline should "return to normal" by end of week

  How dirty is your face mask?

Your mask is probably filthy, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's unhealthy.

  CDC: Better Fitting Masks

Learn how to improve the fit of your mask to offer better protection.

  Black drivers say they're targeted over air fresheners

  Student says she was forced to cut her braids