Sumter police confirm remains of missing 5-year-old Nevaeh Adams found in landfill

Police believe 28-year-old Daunte Johnson stabbed the child to death and put her body in a dumpster.

  F-word painted on mural

  McCarthy disagrees with language in Trump's 'lynching' tweet '

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, said "lynching" is not language he'd use when talking about impeachment.

  Clyburn criticizes Trump 'lynching' tweet

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., said the president's tweet about impeachment is undignified.

  Officer buys mom car seats instead of giving her a ticket

Not only did the Milwaukee officer buy car seats, he installed them.

  Woman gives birth during tornado

Woman had to give birth in a laundry room to keep her safe from a tornado that was happening at the same time.

  Erdogan, Putin to decide fate of Syria's border

The Turkish and Russian presidents will meet to discuss the situation in Syria.

  Watch: Man escapes police car in handcuffs

A man was able to jump out of a police cruiser's window in a brief custody escape attempt.

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  Deadly storms tear through southeast

A tornado tossed trees into homes, tore off storefronts and downed power lines but killed no one in a densely populated area of Dallas, leaving Mayor Eric Johns

  Final trailer for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"

The third and final trailer for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” premiered during Monday Night’s game between the New England Patriots and New York Jets.

  WATCH: Marlon Anderson speaks after Madison School District rescinds

According to a release from the union Madison Teachers Inc.. on Monday, the Madison Metropolitan School District decided to rescind the termination of Marlon An

  Move over CDs, records are back

The co-owner of Roundabout Music Company said many people from various generations visit her store to buy old records.

  Trump bemoans no G-7 at Doral

President Donald Trump complains on Monday while touting the virtues of his Miami hotel, which he wanted to use to host the G-7 summit.

  A trip to remember for a man battling lung cancer

One of his last wishes was to see the beach in-person for the first time.

  Raw: Collapsed wall in NY killed worker

Building inspectors are on the scene trying to find what caused a brick wall to fall on the workers.

  An uneasy US exit from Syria

US troops were called to leave Syria and are headed to Kurdistan where they will have to continue the fight againsst ISIS.

  Spooky car wash provides a fright and a clean car

There's a haunted car wash is turning heads.

  Phone case that looks and acts like human skin

Phone case can be tickled, pinched just like human skin

  US troops harassed while leaving Syria

US troops are harrased as they withdraw from Syria this Monday.

  Tornado debris swirls outside home in N. Texas

The effects of a tornado is seen outside of home in northern Texas.

  Tornado damages Dallas buildings

A tornado left behind a trail of damage in the Dallas area.

  Tornado's funnel cloud caught on camera in Dallas

A funnel cloud is visible in between lightning in Dallas.

  Landmark opioid trial against 6 drug companies begins in Ohio

  A tornado is seen in the Dallas area

A tornado left behind a trail of damage in Dallas.

  Firefighter falls off roof while battling blaze

Caught on camera: firefighter loses footing and tumbles off roof while fighting house fire in Los Angeles; he wasn't seriously injured.

  Largest US troop withdrawal from syria

The largest withdrawal of US troops from Syria is now underway.

  RAW: Largest US troop withdrawal from Syria underway

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the troops are moving into western Iraq.

  Astros fans celebrate team going to World Series

Fans sing, "Jose, Jose, Jose, Jose," at the conclusion of the Astros - Yankees series.