Beautiful Weekend Ahead!

The beautiful weather will continue as we head into the upcoming weekend! T

Fall Temps On The Way Later This Week!

High Risk for Rip Currents & Choppy Waters; Mainly Dry Week Ahead

Tracking Tropical Storm Humberto: Choppy Waters, Rip Current Threat & Increased Rain Chance

Tropical Storm Humberto forms near the Bahamas

FIRST ALERT: Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine forms in the Bahamas

The Heat Goes On!

Continued Coverage

Summer Weather Rolls On!

Triple Digit Heat Index Today; Tracking Activity in the Tropics

Still Hot on Tuesday!

Uncomfortable Heat into Sunday

Heat Continues this Weekend!

Rain & Wind Weaken Tonight, Heat and Sunshine on the Way

FIRST ALERT: Hurricane Warnings are now in effect for parts of the Lowcountry

Category 2 Hurricane Dorian has begun moving northward, away from the Bahamas, as a weakened Category 2 storm.

WATCHING DORIAN: Midweek Impacts from Dorian Expected; Highly Dependent on Track

WATCHING DORIAN: Impacts Wednesday/Thursday

TRACKING DORIAN: Dorian Becomes Category 5; Storm Surge/Flooding, Damaging Winds Possible Midweek

Dorian Now a Category 5; Lowcountry Impacts Midweek

WATCHING TROPICS: Dorian’s Track Continues to Change; Major Coastal Flooding Tonight

Watching Dorian Closely; Tidal Flooding Today

FIRST ALERT: Powerful Category 3 Hurricane Dorian Taking Aim AT The U.S. Coast

  FIRST ALERT: Tracking Hurricane Dorian!

FIRST ALERT: Watching Hurricane Dorian

Better Chance of Showers Wednesday!

Hazy & Warm Tuesday On Tap

Staying Pleasant for Monday, Watching the Tropics

Scat’d Storms Possible Sunday, Watching the Tropics

Increasing Rain Chance; Tropics Waking Up!

Weekend Cold Front Should Keep Tropical Disturbance Offshore!

Increasing Rain Chances this Weekend

Weekend Rain Chance Goes Up!

Another hot and humid day is expected across the Lowcountry with highs in the 90s, heat index values over 100° and a few afternoon storms.

Sun & Clouds With Scattered Storms. Also watching the tropics!

Another hot and humid day ahead across the Lowcountry with only a slight chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm.

Back To School Wednesday With A Few Pop-Up Showers Possible!

No major changes to our weather over the next couple of days which means more heat, more humidity and a few more storms.

Hazy & Hot Weather Continues!

We’re making a return to more typical summertime weather across the Lowcountry as we wrap up the Summer break and send the kids back to school.

Back To School Showers Possible

Slight Chance for a Couple of Downpour & Storms Today

Weak Low Pressure Pumping In Lots of Rain & Thunderstorms

A stalled front, weak area of low pressure and tons of tropical moisture will combine to bring a wet start to the weekend for many folks across the Lowcountry.

Stalled front to bring scattered downpours over the next few days

The chance of rain will be up over the next couple of days as a stalled front sits over the area producing occasional showers and storms

Afternoon/evening storms possible again today

A weak cold front will stall out across the area over the next 24 hours keeping the chance of scattered showers and storms in the forecast.

Dangerous Heat Wednesday!

Scorching heat continues today across the Lowcountry with heat indices topping out at 105 to 110°.

Hot, Steamy Tuesday On Tap!

A cold front will approach the area later this week increasing the chance of showers and storms across the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Hot Start to the Week - Changes on the Way!

Chance for Afternoon/Evening Rain & T-storms

Off and On Storm Chances Continue, Staying HOT!

Hottest Weekend of August Yet!

Hot August Weekend Ahead!

Very hot and humid weather continues today as highs are slated to head back into the mid to upper 90s this afternoon.

Hot & humid to end the week!

Expect a hot and humid day across the Lowcountry with highs in the mid 90s.

HOT and Muggy, Slight Daily Storm Chance

More heat, more humidity and fewer storms will be the theme of the weather over the next couple of days.

A Few T-storms Possible Through Tomorrow; Temps Heating up!

A Strong T-storm Possible Through Wednesday; Temps Heating Up!

Another round of storms expected today

Typical summer weather is expected over the next couple of days with plenty of heat and plenty of afternoon thunderstorms.

Hot week ahead with daily storm chances

Typical August weather is in store for us this week with daily scattered storms and hot and humid temperatures.

Storm Chances Again for Monday

Late Day Chance for Rain & Storms

Summer Storms Possible Sunday Afternoon

Wet Weekend Ahead!

Tropical moisture will lead to unsettled weather at times

An abundance of tropical moisture will stream northward along the Carolina coastline over the next several days.

Rain Returns To The Lowcountry

The rain chance will be on the increase over the next couple of days as tropical moisture slides in from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.

August Starts Warm & Humid With Pop-Up Showers!

It will be a hot and humid Wednesday across the Lowcountry with highs heading into the low to mid 90s this afternoon.

Sticky Last Day of July!

It’s a slow, but steady, return to the more typical July weather here across the Lowcountry.

Sticky Weather Returns To The Lowcountry!

You knew it wouldn’t last forever! The break from the heat and humidity that we’ve welcomed over the last week will slowly fade away over the next couple of days.

Warmer Digits Heading Our Way!

Gorgeous Sunday Ahead; Mid Week Warm Up

Calm, Pleasant End to the Weekend

Gorgeous Weekend Ahead!

Fine Summer Weekend On Tap!

A stalled front offshore will keep our weather quiet through the upcoming weekend.

Super Weekend Ahead!

The drop in the temps and humidity continues today across the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Taste of Fall Continues!

A rare July cold front has pushed south of the area allowing the coolest temperatures since mid June to move into the Lowcountry.

FIRST ALERT// Storms possible after supper until midnight.

A rare July cold front will bring a round of strong storms late today and will also be responsible for keeping Tropical Depression #3 off of our coastline.

Rain Chance Goes Up Into The Week & Temps Go Down Slightly

A midweek cold front will finally bring an end to the very hot and humid weather that we’ve battled for the past week and a half.

Warm and Muggy Monday, but Rain & Cooler Temps are Ahead!

Midweek Front to Bring Rain & Cooler Temps!

More Heat on Sunday, but Relief is in Sight!

Cool Down & Rain Ahead!

Weekend of Heat & Humidity With Pop-Up Storms!

The heat and humidity continues today across the Lowcountry!

Chance of Snow.... 0%

The heat and humidity continues today across the Lowcountry. Sunshine will send temperatures into the mid to upper 90s this afternoon with heat indices over 105°.

Hot... Hot... Hot....

The heat and humidity continues today across the Lowcountry. Sunshine will send temperatures into the mid to upper 90s this afternoon with heat indices over 105°.

The Heat Is On!

The heat and humidity continues today across the Lowcountry.

July Heat Rolls On!

Very typical July weather is on this week with plenty of heat, humidity and a few thunderstorms.

Higher Humidity this Week!

Mainly Dry Day; Isolated Late Day Storm Possible

More Heat on the Way!

Late Day Rain/Storms Possible; Temps Heating Up this Week!

Tropical Storm Barry heads toward Louisiana, storms possible here this weekend.

Hit or miss showers and storms are expected this afternoon and evening as temperatures climb into the low 90s.

  Hazy Sunshine With A Few Scattered Showers Friday

We’re keeping an eye on the tropics and the chances for storms here at home on our Thursday.

Muggy Hazy Sun With Scattered Showers & T-Storms!

Another day of scattered showers and storms here across the Lowcountry.

Hazy Sun & Clouds With Pop-Up Showers!

A weak cold front stalling out near the area with help to increase the chance of scattered showers and storms today.

Wet & Stormy Pattern this Week!

Wet Pattern Ahead!

Unsettled Pattern Sticks Around!

Slight Rain Chance Sunday; Greater Rain Chance this Week!

Staying Unsettled into the New Week

Father's Day: Warm and Muggy

Storm Chances Stick Around!

SATURDAY: PM Rain & T-storms

  Rain... Rain.... Won’t Go Away!

Amble moisture and weak disturbances will allow another round of scattered showers and storms to roam the area today.

  Sun & Storms This Weekend!

Get ready for a hot and humid 4th of July with a round of afternoon and evening storms possible again today.

  The 4th of July Will Sizzle!

Very hot and humid weather continues once again today!

FIRST ALERT: More Heat & More Pop-Up Storms into the 4th

Very hot and humid weather will continue over the next couple of days as we toward the 4th of July.

The Heat Goes On!!

Hot, humid and mainly dry weather can be expected as we kick off our Fourth of July week.

Heat & Humidity Increases this Week!

Temperatures are heating up!

A Few Scat’d Storms Possible Sunday

Slight Chance for Showers/Storms this Afternoon!