Hurricane Hugo

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Hurricane Hugo made landfall near Sullivan’s Island around midnight on the night of Sept. 22, 1989.

  Former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley reflects on Hurricane Hugo

  Live 5 anchor Bill Sharpe reflects on Hurricane Hugo

  Live 5 Weatherman Charlie Hall hated leaving the studio the night Hugo hit. He later realized it was the right call.

  Toppling hotel awning remains one of the most familiar images from Hugo

  Hugo survivor: ‘I did think I was going to die that night’

  Mt. Pleasant business-owners describe staying afloat after Hugo

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  Debi Chard recalls covering Hugo while worrying about family

  Volunteers lent helping hands to others in Hurricane Hugo aftermath

  Hugo survivor remembers night inside Lincoln High: ‘I did not think we were going to make it through the night’

  Mount Pleasant real estate boomed after Hurricane Hugo

  McClellanville mayor says town is thriving 30 years ago Hugo

  ‘The hospital was vibrating with the wind:’ MUSC staff recalls Hugo’s landfall

  Church’s steeples replaced almost 30 years after Hurricane Hugo tore them away

A church damaged by Hurricane Hugo nearly three decades ago received new steeples to replace those the storm ripped away.

  Friday marks 29th anniversary of Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo was a Category 4 storm when it slammed into Charleston County on the evening of Sept. 21, 1989, 29 years ago.

  Rev. Billy Graham toured Hurricane Hugo damage, visited Charleston in 1989

Millions around the world are remembering Rev. Billy Graham in wake of his death Tuesday for the influence and impact he had preaching during his crusades.

  Woman born during Hurricane Hugo gives birth during Hurricane Matthew

A woman who was born during Hurricane Hugo gave birth during Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew hits McClellanville 27 years after Hugo

  Man who fed thousands after Hugo searching for stolen cooker

  #Hugo25: A look back at Hurricane Hugo

  Charleston County Emergency Officials Remember Hugo

Charleston remembers Hurricane Hugo 20 years later

Lesson Learned from Hugo: Preparedness Key to Weathering Hurricanes

Woman goes into labor during Hugo

From inside their home, Terry and Karen Hall watched as Hurricane Hugo started bearing down on their Summerville neighborhood.

Stories of Hurricane Hugo survival twenty years later

To hear more "Stories from the Storm" tune into Live 5 News on the anniversary of Hurricane Hugo. Monday at 7 pm. We'll have stories of survival and triumph amid the devastation.