What’s Driving You Crazy: ‘Known problem’ at intersection of Savannah Hwy. and Main Rd.

VIDEO: What’s Driving You Crazy: ‘Known problem’ at intersection of Savannah Hwy. and Main Rd.

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - A viewer wrote in to explain why the intersection of Savannah Highway and Main Road is 'driving him crazy" and Live 5News has the latest information.

“This intersection has been a known problem for 15+ years. Why do our officials not care enough about our time, fuel consumption and safety to have not built a flyover?” he wrote.

Live5 traffic reporter, Abbey O’Brien, spoke with the project manager for the Main Road Corridor in Charleston County and found out a flyover is one of several options for the area.

“There’s a lot of traffic going through there,” project manager, Sunshine Trakas, said about the intersection of Main Road and Savannah Highway. “So many of the alternatives we looked at are flyover-type and interchange-type improvements. Some of those are along the existing alignment and we looked at some alternatives that veered off that alignment and moved that intersection further north on Savannah Highway.”

The Main Road Corridor project aims to improve congestion, fix drainage and add facilities for bike/pedestrian safety. The project has been divided into three segments and the section with the Savannah Highway intersection is part of the highest priority. There are several options for this area which can be viewed: here.

About 30 percent of people who gave input at the last meeting preferred the following alternative for the intersection: Alternative 5. This option would completely move the intersection. Other options include a diamond interchange and partial cloverleaf.

The county has applied for funding for the Main Road Corridor project from the State Infrastructure Bank in Columbia because it’s expected to cost more than $190 million.

Trakas said the team is still reviewing all the alternatives but hopes to come back with some decisions by March 2020. The goal is to start construction in late 2022.

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