SC House member from Berkeley Co. to challenge Scott in U.S. Senate bid

A state lawmaker representing Berkeley County announced she will run against Tim Scott next year for his U.S. Senate seat.

  SC House passes permitless carrying of guns, hate crime bill before crucial deadline

SC rep. says he will not ‘bow down to the Left’ on Hate Crime bill

Key deadline looming in days at South Carolina Statehouse

  SC Superintendent: Process for transgender athletes ‘works well,’ opposes bill

  SC House passes bill allowing noncertified teachers in schools to fill vacancies

  Graham, McMaster oppose U.S. House bill on voting rights

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SC advises on agribusiness tax cuts

  The election reform SC lawmakers want to see

‘Tasting rooms’ trip up wine giant’s proposal in SC

‘Tasting rooms’ trip up wine giant’s proposal in SC

  Graham visits SC shooting range to support Second Amendment

  S. Carolina Senate OKs five-day school for all by April 12

McMaster order aims to expand SC’s medical manufacturing industry

Gov. Henry McMaster on Thursday announced a new executive order aimed at bringing more medical manufacturers, including those making personal protective equipment, to the state.

  SC proposal would bar employers from requiring COVID vaccine

South Carolina lawmakers are considering a proposal to prevent employers from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for workers.

S. Carolina Senate OKs five-day school for all by April 12

The South Carolina Senate has unanimously passed a proposal that would require all schools to provide in-person classes five days a week starting as soon as April 12.

  ‘Very optimistic’: Why medical marijuana bill sponsor thinks it will pass the SC Senate this time

The sponsor of a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in South Carolina says he has the votes to pass it out of the SC Senate by the end of next week.

S Carolina Democrats want Medicaid expansion; GOP says no

SC House takes week off; SC Senate to take a long weekend

SC Senate passes own bill to ticket slow left lane drivers

  Graham, Scott introduce bill to expand broadband access

Senators reviewing South Carolina elections praise 2020 vote

Graham to visit border on heels of introducing immigration bill

  Lawmakers advance bill allowing college athletes pay for ads, sponsorships

A South Carolina Senate subcommittee Wednesday advanced a bill that would allow college athletes to be paid for ads or sponsorships.

‘It’s time to regain control’: Sen. Graham introduces legislation seeking to reform southern border policies

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced legislation Wednesday that seeks to reform policies as they pertain to the country’s southern border.

  Education, faster internet top priorities in ‘conservative’ SC House budget

South Carolina House members passed the state’s $9 billion budget with a focus on improving education in the state.

What is Delta 8? The hemp product giving people a ‘light’ high in SC

A popular type of hemp product that can give users a high similar to that of marijuana is popping up around South Carolina and the rest of the country.

GOP State Senators pushing ‘Unorganized Militia’ bill to strengthen gun rights

A group of Republican State Senators is attempting to use the presence of the unorganized militia in state law to strengthen gun rights within the state.

Budget debate begins this week in SC House

Some routine votes are scheduled for Monday.

SC House passes bill to combat catalytic converter theft

The bill was prompted by a rash of thefts of the emission control systems in vehicles.

SC Statehouse to get air cleaning devices

Officials expect the air ionizing devices should be in place next month, according to a report.

  SC public schools to receive ‘unprecedented’ amount of funding this year

This year South Carolina public schools will be receiving a historic influx of cash.

Potential severe storms cancel SC Senate and vaccine clinics

The potential for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes Thursday led the South Carolina Senate to not meet at all and the House to tell members to come only if they feel safe.

  Open carry bill passes SC House; Debate on broader gun rights bill expected in April

A bill that would change South Carolina’s gun laws is one step closer to heading to the state Senate after passing its second vote Wednesday afternoon.

  Palmetto pride: South Carolina state flag sparks debate

South Carolina senators may soon take up one of the most divisive issues to hit the state in years — standardizing the design of the iconic palmetto tree and crescent state flag.

Sexual orientation back in South Carolina hate crime bill

A group of South Carolina lawmakers have added back protections for gay or transgender people to a hate crime bill five days after removing them.

  FEMA to begin reimbursing families for COVID-19 death-related funeral costs

The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it is working to set up a toll-free number to help families who’ve lost loved ones to COVID-19 apply for funeral assistance.

Citadel cadet one of 2 men arrested in connection with Capitol riot

The Citadel has confirmed a cadet is one of two people facing federal charges in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the United States Capitol.

  More municipalities join growing list in support of beach parking bill

Dorchester County passed a resolution in support of a bill in the state senate that would ensure free parking and state control along public roads in beach towns.

‘Why now?’: State employees question McMaster’s decision to transition back to in-person

Governor McMaster announced in an executive order last Friday that the state will be beginning the process of facilitating the return of state employees to the workplace full time.

SC governor honors residents who share weather observations

South Carolina’s governor is recognizing residents who help out forecasters by collecting and sharing weather data from across the state.

SC House passes bill to keep churches open in emergencies

The bill given key approval on a 73-39 vote Thursday also says religious groups still have to follow safety protocols and occupancy rules during emergencies.

Charleston courts to resume in-person trials

The City of Charleston say municipal courts will re-open for in-person traffic and criminal bench trials.

Beer delivery, curbside alcohol pickup bills pass SC House

The South Carolina House has given key approval to a pair of bills that make it easier to have beer and wine delivered to homes and to pick up alcoholic drinks with curbside service.

Sexual orientation axed from South Carolina hate crime bill

A hate crimes bill in South Carolina no longer offers protection to gay or transgender people.

House passes bill to expand background checks for gun sales

Emboldened by their majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats are making a new push to enact the first major new gun control laws in more than two decades and they’re starting with stricter background checks.

Clyburn pushes for affordable internet accessibility

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn and U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar have introduced new bills to provide internet service for rural communities.

  State lawmakers expected to begin debates on open-carry law

South Carolina lawmakers are slated to debate a bill that could change when and where people can carry guns.

Sally Atwater, wife of late GOP strategist, dies at 69

Sally Atwater, wife of the late GOP strategist and former Republican National Committee chairman Lee Atwater, has died.

SC lawmakers announce legislation to protect monuments statewide

It’s a combo bill lawmakers are calling “The Story of America” which includes protecting monuments, restoring history in classrooms, and preventing historical plaques from becoming editorialized.

  Judge delays decision on injunction against SC abortion law

A hearing set for Monday afternoon could decide whether a federal court will impose an injunction against a newly-passed law designed to prevent most abortions in South Carolina.

Gov. McMaster pens letter urging election integrity legislation

Governor Henry McMaster wrote a letter to every member of the South Carolina General Assembly urging them to “protect the integrity of South Carolina’s elections”.

Pence to give speech in SC, his 1st since leaving office

Former Vice President Mike Pence is set to travel to South Carolina for his first public comments since leaving office.

SC House passes bill to ticket slow left lane drivers

Violators could face a $200 fine or 30 days in jail.

  SC lawmakers debating bill to make sure all COVID-19 vaccinations are voluntary

There is no state mandate in South Carolina for anyone to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but some South Carolinians are worried their jobs will force them to get the shot.

Bill making it easier to access birth control heads to full SC Senate

A GOP-sponsored bill that would allow pharmacists to prescribe a woman a contraceptive without a patient-specific prescription has passed a state Senate committee.

US Capitol Police increase security over March 4 conspiracy theory-related threats

Capitol Hill is under heightened security Thursday because of ongoing threats from domestic extremists nearly two months after the deadly Jan. 6 riot.

  ‘I just want to see justice:’ Murder victim’s daughter watches state’s action on death penalty

A South Carolina woman whose mother was murdered by a man who sits on death row waits to see if lawmakers will change law to end a 10-year halt to executions.

SC Senate passes bill to make electric chair default execution method

The South Carolina Senate has passed a bill that would change the state’s default method of execution and add a third option.

SC Senate committee OKs retroactive teacher raises

A South Carolina Senate committee approved Tuesday a measure to reinstate some teacher step raises in this year’s budget.

SC man charged in Capitol riot claimed to dress ‘just like antifa’

FBI documents say the suspect texted a family member and admitted to assaulting four officers.

Lowcountry municipalities release results of special elections

Several Lowcountry municipalities had special elections on Tuesday.

  Alabama Senate passes bill banning transgender treatments for minors

Senate Bill 10, called the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, passed 23-4 Tuesday afternoon. It now goes to the House.

  Hollywood Town Council holding special election

The Town of Hollywood says they will be holding a special election to fill a seat on their town council.

SC veterans call on state lawmakers to pass medical cannabis law

A group of South Carolina veterans held a news conference Monday morning to call on the state’s General Assembly to pass a law allowing patients to access medical cannabis.

New acting U.S. Attorney for South Carolina named

Following the resignation of U.S. Attorney Peter McCoy, acting First Assistant to the U.S. Attorney M. Rhett DeHart has been named to office.

$25M housing aid program closes in just days after demand spikes

The current CDC moratorium prevents evictions connected to COVID-19 related causes but does not create a short-term pathway for landlords to recoup the rent.

Trump to target Biden and assert leadership over GOP in CPAC speech

While the former president is expected to call out some of his most vocal critics, including Congresswoman Liz Cheney, he has no plans to announce a 2024 campaign.

SC General Assembly set to pick trustees at 4 colleges, including The Citadel

The South Carolina House and Senate are meeting in joint session to select college trustees at four different colleges.

McMaster among over 20 governors opposed to funding allocation in Biden stimulus package

McMaster released a statement Saturday, joining 21 of his colleagues in opposing a standard of how federal funds would be allocated to states.

South Carolina lawmaker: Trump can be buried at state Capitol

A South Carolina Republican lawmaker says he is filing a bill that would allow former President Donald Trump to buried on the grounds of the state Capitol if Trump is banned from being buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Beer and wine straight to your car or front door? SC lawmakers debating legislation to make it happen

Curbside pick-up is currently allowed due to an executive order by Gov. Henry McMaster but the bill would make this a permanent change.

  Two bills that could make it easier to get alcohol head to the House floor

State lawmakers are debating two bills that, some say, would make it safer and easier to get beer and wine.

  Chief: Capitol assault much bigger than intel suggested

Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman denied that law enforcement failed to take seriously warnings of violence before the Jan. 6 insurrection.

  Gov. McMaster encourages private businesses to open vaccine sites

A vaccine location in South Carolina is delivering 130 doses a day with no waiting and wants to expand their capacity to 300 shots per day.

Georgia senators pass bill to require ID for absentee voting

Georgia senators are pushing through the first of what could be a raft of restrictive voting measures.

South Carolina lawmakers discuss teacher vaccine bill

Lawmakers reassured Spearman they want teachers to be vaccinated, but not before our vulnerable senior citizen population.

  SC House Judiciary scheduled to take up bills on guns, execution and religion

The South Carolina House Judiciary Committee is taking on a full slate of issues, some with the potential to provoke fiery debate.

SC lawmakers expected to debate bill to change gun laws

Lawmakers in the South Carolina House Judiciary Committee are likely to consider allowing some gun owners to open-carry their weapons.

U.S. Attorney for SC resigns from office

U.S. Attorney for the District of South Carolina Peter M. McCoy, Jr., says he will be handing in his resignation letter to the president.

Former President Trump endorses SCGOP Chairman

The South Carolina Republican Party says former President Donald Trump officially endorsed Party Chairman Drew McKissick in his reelection bid.