Charleston County School District to send out options for rezoning elementary schools

VIDEO: Charleston County School District discusses new attendance lines

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) - Mount Pleasant Students at Carolina Park Elementary may be switching schools. The Charleston County School District’s District 2 Constituents Board is considering new attendance lines.

Board members say in order to relieve overcrowding issues at Carolina Park Elementary, some students will need to be rezoned for Laurel Hill Elementary or Charles Pinckney Elementary.

During Wednesday's board meeting, the members discussed two options for the attendance lines which will be put out for public input.

The first option would rezone an area off of Hwy 17 from Theodore Road to Porcher's Bluff Road. Approximately 290 students in total would be sent to Laurel Hill and Charles Pinckney.

The second option would start on Lieben Road instead, and go towards Porcher's Bluff Road. It would also include a neighborhood off of Faison Road. A total of 293 students would be affected by the changes.

"Rezoning is very disruptive, we can't help it but if we don't do it we'd have schools with overcrowding or new schools," said Sarah Johnson, Chair of the Moultrie District 2 Constituent Board. "It's just something that happens with public education."

Officials read comments from 36 people, asking to for their kids to stay at Carolina Park. Many of them saying they specifically moved to their neighborhoods for that school.

"It is so insensitive to talk about moving any of these children right now, who more than anything need some normalcy back in their lives," one comment read.

Within the new few weeks, school district officials will be sending out links and robocalls to those affected to get feedback on the potential plans. They'll be discussing that at their next board meeting on June 17.

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