‘People treat it like an interstate’: A dangerous road on Daniel Island causing concern

Published: Jan. 5, 2022 at 2:22 PM EST|Updated: Jan. 5, 2022 at 8:16 PM EST
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DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCSC) – Clements Ferry Road on Daniel Island is not a highway, but people who drive there say others treat it like an interstate.

“I make an effort to drive at or under [the speed limit], and there’s always people flying past me,” says Mary Margaret McKinnon, who works at a pre-school just off the road.

“The speed limit is 45, but people easily go upwards of 60,” McKinnon says.

McKinnon works at Sundrops Montessori School. She says she’s seen parents drop their children off only to pull out of the parking lot and get hit by oncoming traffic.

“It’s dangerous especially trying to turn left out of here,” McKinnon says. “I’ve personally witnessed two pretty bad accidents right here in front of the school. Luckily, the parent that we had who was in the accident had just dropped her children off, but that’s our biggest concern is that someone else is going to get hurt.”

Along the entirety of Clements Ferry Road, there have been 579 accidents since 2018, according to data from the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. 279 of those collisions involved injuries.

McKinnon says many parents have expressed those concerns to the Charleston Police Department, and in response, Lt. Paul Krasowski with the traffic division says they’re currently working to enforce the speed limit in the area as well as what permanent solutions could look like.

Krasowski said in an email to parents, “My Division works closely with the City’s Traffic and Transportation Division and hopefully between our combined efforts, we will resolve this problem area with enforcement and other permanent solutions.”

Krasowski also says CPD encourages drivers to continue to obey the speed limit, as CPD will continue to keep an increased watch on the area.

As McKinnon encourages long-term solutions like lowering the speed limit in the area, she says she won’t get her hopes up.

“When the cop’s there, they slow down for a second, but it’s not a long-term solution,” McKinnon says. “My only concern with that is that if people don’t obey the 45 mile per hour zone, I don’t see them really obeying a lower speed limit either.”

Lieutenant Krasowski with the Charleston Police Department says the majority of Clements Ferry Road is problematic, and they’re going to continue dedicating time and resources toward enforcing the law and ensuring the public’s safety.

Live 5 has requested data from the SCDOT to see if a traffic study as been done, and if so, why nothing has been done to address these concerns. This is a developing story.

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