Trial continued for woman cited for displaying plastic testicles on truck

BONNEAU, SC (WCSC) - She was ticketed for having fake bull testicles hanging from her truck and today the 67-year-old woman was supposed to go to trial to fight the fine. But it didn't happen.

Both sides were ready for battle in the small Berkeley County town of Bonneau.

Taking center stage, red fake plastic testicles that were dangling from Virginia Tice's truck.

Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda gave the woman a $445 ticket for an obscene bumper sticker on July 5. But today, the trial was delayed for a third time because the jury pool was too small.

"There has to be 30 by law and it appears that list was actually 27 when we showed up this morning," said defense attorney Scott Bischoff."We were worried we were actually going to not have enough people to seat today."

Chief Fuda says the judge did the right thing by granting a continuance to a later date.

"Sooner or later this trial's gonna play out, justice will be served," Chief Fuda said.

The chief says he has no plans to drop the case before it comes up for trial again.

"That's the law, the law was broken and we're gonna prosecute," Chief Fuda said.

The delay has been frustrating for Fuda and the defense attorney.

"It may seem like a huge waste of time to a number of people in the community, I understand that," said Bischoff."But to Ms. Tice it's important that she exercises her right to a trial and we'll show up next time and we'll be ready then."

"My clients conduct was not illegal," says Bischoff. "We believe it was blown way out of proportion. She is still upset about the situation because she believes she's been treated unfairly."

"Genitalia is offensive," says Chief Fuda. "As a law enforcement officer, I'll advise that person if it warrants a citation I'll issue a citation. As a father, I wouldn't want my daughter looking at it."

Virginia Tice had planned to fight the ticket in traffic court, but Chief Fuda asked for a jury trial. Fuda will be the prosecutor when the trial finally happens.

A new trial date has not been set. We do know it will be sometime next year.

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